Dead or Alive: Dimensions has quite a bit going for it. The game features a healthy roster of fighters and covers the first four Dead or Alive games from a story standpoint, even adding new scenes to flesh certain events out.


The game also has online play, which is a feature anyone would expect of a fighter in this day and age, regardless of platform. Finally, just yesterday, Tecmo Koei also revealed a collaboration with Nintendo and Team Ninja’s Metroid: Other M, with the Ridley boss stage from the game included in Dimensions.


The only downside to Dimensions so far appears to be that the game’s Digital Instructions feature doesn’t seem to be as well thought-out as the one in Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. Aside from the handy digital throw and hold buttons on the 3DS touchscreen, the rest of Dimensions’ touchscreen inputs look like they require you to scroll through a long list of moves, which isn’t quite as elegant or effective as Super IV’s customizable touch inputs.


Dead or Alive: Dimensions is a Nintendo 3DS launch window game. Here’s a new batch of screenshots released by Tecmo Koei this week:


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