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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’s Popularity Poll Might Be A Close One For Some Of Its Girls



Koei Tecmo are leaving it up to the fans to decide which nine heroines will make it into Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 through a popularity vote, and going by its latest update, it looks like it might get pretty close for some of the girls.



The above is a look at the updated rankings that show the following top 9:


  • Marie Rose: 17.6%


  • Honoka: 15.1%


  • Kasumi: 12.3%


  • Ayane: 8.6%


  • Kokoro: 8.3%


  • Nyotengu: 7.7%


  • Hitomi: 5.9%


  • Momiji: 4.5%


  • Helena: 4.3%


And the ones below are currently out of the top 9 spot:


  • Lei Fang: 4.2%


  • Tina: 3.8%


  • Mila 2.7%


  • Rachel: 1.8%


  • Christie 1.6%


  • Lisa: 1.5%


So far it appears that Helena and Lei Fang switched places in the past few days. For a quick reference, here’s a look at the rankings that were shown earlier this week:



It looks like the top 7 are likely going to be in it, and with Momiji and Lei Fang dropping down a few points, it looks like anything can still happen from there. We also can’t count out Tina yet, either. The final results will be announced at Tokyo Game Show.


The top 9 characters that get their themes downloaded will be in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune and Venus. The number one most downloaded character will get a special costume for the first-print bonus of the PlayStation 4 version of the game, while the second most voted character will get the first-print bonus costume for the PlayStation Vita version.

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