Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record are transitioning from Games For Windows Live to Steamworks today. Additionally, Capcom are facilitating the transfer of save data from GFWL to Steam so you can keep all your progress.


Unfortunately, there are a few hiccups in the process. If you purchased a digital copy of the game directly from the GFWL marketplace, you will not be able to transition over to Steamworks, since there’s no authentication option available. For these players, Capcom say that their GFWL titles will continue to “function normally”.


Meanwhile, if you’ve purchased a retail package GFWL version of the game, you can use the GFWL activation code and redeem it on Steam to get a free copy of the Steamworks version. However, DLC is another matter.


Capcom write: “Unfortunately, DLC content purchased directly from Microsoft’s GFWL Marketplace store will not carry over to Steam due to the lack of CD/activation key.  Those who wish to play the game with their DLC can continue to do so with the GFWL version of the game installation and under the GFWL service.”


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