Dead Or School – A Zombie-Filled, Clothes-Tearing Action RPG



In sidescrolling action RPG Dead or School, Tokyo has long been overwhelmed with undead and other bizarre monsters. The people have been forced underground, living there for years, until a young woman hears about ‘School’, a place where children can play and be together. Fueled with this desire to create a better place, she takes to the streets to clear the monsters away.


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Hisako, the heroine, has many tools to help clear out monsters. She gains experience from fighting monsters, which can be funnelled into new skills and attacks to tear the zombies apart. She can also find parts to add onto her gigantic arsenal, adding handy tools to her assortment of swords, machine guns, rocket launchers, and dozens of other weapons.


Despite all of her weapons and abilities, Hisako is still vulnerable. Taking damage from enemies will steadily shred her clothes, giving players a visual clue as to how badly she’s been kicked around. She is quite acrobatic, though, and can swing on pipes, grab the ceiling, and use her nimbleness to avoid further damage.


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Dead or School is raising development funding on IndieGoGo and votes on Steam Greenlight. It is projected to come out in March of 2017.

Alistair Wong
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