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Dead Secret Will Have You Solving A Murder To Avoid Your Own On PlayStation VR


Dead Secret is coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in January 2016 with cross-buy support. A PlayStation VR version will arrive later on. It’s a game that has you trying to solve a murder to avoid your own.


The question at the core of Dead Secret is: “Who killed Harris Bullard?” You have to search through this dead man’s past in order to solve the mystery of his murder. Doing so will mean that you don’t become the next victim.


You play as a journalist who wants to make the big headlines. And to do so you’ll need to rifle through crime scenes, documents, and Bullard’s home to find out how he died. But his death remains a secret because someone ensured that was the case. They won’t appreciate you interfering.


In putting Dead Secret together, the founders of developer Robot Invader, Chris Pruett and Casey Richardson, say that they took inspiration from Clock Tower, Siren, and Deadly Premonition. They even go so far as to call the game a love letter to classic horror and mystery games.


“Casey and I have been thinking and writing about scary game design for over a decade,” Pruett said. “Dead Secret is focused on mystery, but we made sure that there’s a hefty dose of dread in there too.”

Chris Priestman