Deadbeat Heroes Is A Game Of Bullet-Dodging, Wall-Running, & Superpower Stealing

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With London’s super heroes defeated and villains roaming the streets unchallenged, it’s up to some unassuming people armed with super gauntlets that let them ‘borrow’ the powers of villains to deal with the threat in 3D brawler Deadbeat Heroes.


One to two players can become one of the four varied do-gooders of Deadbeat Heroes, working their way through groups of foes in fast, acrobatic scraps. In battle, they can dash to dodge incoming shots, rush around the floors and walls, and deliver punches that send them flying toward their enemies, keeping the game in constant, frenzied motion. While things may be moving fast, players won’t be able to ignore the 70’s themed vibe to the game, communicated through its bright, cell-shaded art style and funky soundtrack.

Players who want a little extra power behind their punch can temporarily steal abilities from super villains and other characters they meet using their experimental gauntlet. Rocket punches, freeze rays, invisibility, and seven other powers can be used against the enemies, allowing players a little variety when they’re not flying around punching people.


Deadbeat Heroes can also make use of Twitch chat for streamers, having chatters show up in the field as enemies for them to thump. These foes will be featured in the end-of-level comments, giving players and their audiences a new way to connect as they play.

Deadbeat Heroes is available now on Steam and Xbox One.

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