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Deadly Premonition Has Been Relisted on US Region Xbox Marketplace

Deadly Premonition

The original Deadly Premonition on Xbox 360 has been delisted since 2018, but yesterday it was discovered that Microsoft seems to have relisted the game on the US region Xbox Marketplace. The game is also available to play on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. (Thanks, Resetera!)

The game made headlines last month following a similar relisting, but that turned out to be an error which led to the delisting of the game once more, with refunds given to every player who purchased it during its short time online. As such, it is currently unknown whether this is yet another case of a mistaken relisting or not.

For those unfamiliar with the game, you play as investigator Agent Francis York Morgan, who heads to the town of Greenvale in order to investigate a series of ritualistic murders. However, as the case drags on, Agent York discovers something more supernatural behind the incidents at Greenvale.

The game was recently re-released onto Nintendo Switch as Deadly Premonition: Origins, as a lead up to the release of the sequel, Deadly Premonition 2. The original game was only released on Xbox 360 in North America, but later became available on PC and PlayStation 3 with a Director’s Cut version. In 2017, the game became playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

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