Dear Diary, I’m Back. With A Ramen Restaurant.

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Dear Diary,

How have you been? It’s been awhile since I last wrote in you. Things… well… They didn’t go so well the last time. But I’m over it now. To help me recover I’ve been building up my new ramen restaurant.


It happened when our mutual friend iOS took me out to dinner one night and I had the most scrumptious ramen. You could say I was filled with righteous Ramen Spirit. I felt that this, maybe, could be my calling. It’s been nothing but fun so far. Customers are willing to try out my own original black spicy squid-ink curry in Hakata-style noodles with extra milk, and it seems it’s a real hit.


I’m glad opening up my own restaurant lets me create my own ramen. Who wants to be tied down to the old ways, right? It’s time for new beginnings and therefore I’ll make my own ramen!




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Dear Diary,

After the last time I talked to you, things have really picked up. Once suppliers got wind of my wanton lack of care towards pre-defined ramen recipes everyone seems to want a piece of me. My list of ingredients has grown to over one thousand different kinds of items to choose from. Soup stocks, noodle quality, toppings. You name it. I recently tried a simpler lobster with broccoli and mussels cream somen-style dish and that seems like a real hit, too. Of course it would! I use the entire lobster for one person!


Huh? Profit? Don’t worry, we’ve been raking it in hand over foot. So much so that I had to hire extra hands to come in and help. I’m so glad that I can staff my restaurant with part-time workers, including these pure-looking school girls and handsome boys. There were more than 300 different applicants! I didn’t know I was that popular! Who cares about that man I used to date? I don’t!


Dear Diary,

I’ve done it! Ever more VIPs began streaming in to my store as they heard about my latest curry Rilakkuma egg with gyoza and chicken karaage topped with fresh carrots ramen concoction. They’ve sung its praises and my store keeps having to shift premises to keep up with demand! The world is mine, Diary! I can feel my Ramen Spirit just eating up everything!


We offer so much now, it’s amazing anyone can even remember what we put into these bowls sometimes… But no one’s died yet. Sure, a little food poisoning maybe… but we write those off as interesting experiments. You should try it, too, on iOS and infuse yourself with Ramen Spirit!





[TLDR; Ramen Spirit is out now on iOS, and features some 1000 different ingredients to choose from. Eventually, you can take your tiny little night stall into the biggest chain across Japan if you manage your business wisely.]

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