Death Beneath the Labyrinth Details Its Guardian And Costume Customizations

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Compile Heart’s new dungeon crawler Death Beneath the Labyrinth will have you take on a party of girls and their mecha-like partners called “Guardians.” The latest video for the game shows us how you’ll get to customize Guardians and the heroine’s costume to change up your strategy.


The Guardians can be customized with parts for their body, and “Makai Core.”  The body adds stats for HP, attack, magic attack, defense, magic defense, and speed. There are bodies that also add skills.


Arms have between one to three offensive skills, and also add to your attack and magic attack. There are also special skills that become available If you put the same arms for both left and right.


Think of the Makai Core as a multiplier for the stats given by the body and arm parts. Depending on the type of Makai Core you use, it can have a huge effect on your stats. There are also some that include skills and other special effects.


The Guardian’s stats are heavily influenced by the stats of the Makai Soldiers (the main characters). The Makai Soldiers have elemental bonuses, and these will also affect the Guardian stats. Magic Gems are needed to increase elemental bonuses, and you can equip up to eight of them.


Next, at the 2:58 mark we get a look at the “Form Change” feature. The heroine Estra can change her costumes for various bonuses, as shown on the bottom-right of the screen. These forms and Magic Gems will play a big role on how your Guardian performs.


Death Beneath the Labyrinth will release in Japan on December 17, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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