PlayStation Vita

Death Beneath the Labyrinth Walks Us Through Its Dungeon Exploring Style



We previously got a look at how you’ll get to customize your mecha-like partners called “Guardians” in Compile Heart’s upcoming dungeon crawler Death Beneath the Labyrinth, and the latest video shows us a bit more of its dungeon exploring.


For the most part, Death Beneath the Labyrinth’s dungeons are on the traditional side, where you’ll work your way around a variety of different floors filled with monsters and gimmicks, until you reach the boss at the last floor.


There are some useful features like the “Auto-Turn” that automatically turns corners around for you so you won’t have to press as many directionals for moving diagonally. You can also speed things up by holding down the X button to “Dash.”


Death Beneath the Labyrinth will release in Japan on December 17, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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