Death Come True Introduces Akane Sachimura, Portrayed by Chiaki Kuriyama

Death Come True Akane Sachimura Chiaki Kuriyama

Death Come True introduces a new character named Akane Sachimura, a police investigator portrayed by Chiaki Kuriyama.

Akane Sachimura(Chiaki Kuriyama)Death Come True Akane Sachimura Chiaki Kuriyama

Akane was in the same hotel room as Karaki when he woke up. However, she was found tied and unconscious inside a bathtub. She’s a female police officer from Special Investigations. She’s well put-together, but is susceptible to emotions at times.

Akane’s actress Chiaki Kuriyama is best known in the West for her roles as Takako Chigusa in Battle Royale and Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill.

Here’s a tweet from Death Come True director and scenario writer Kazutaka Kodaka with Chiaki Kuriyama:

Izanagi Games CEO and producer Shinsuke Umeda also added:

Shinsuke Umeda: “Chiaki Kuriyama will be acting as the female police investigator, Akane Sachimura. I’m working on a project with someone from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill… I wish I could tell myself back when I was a student working at a video store talking about Pulp Fiction at the register.”

Death Come True releases in Japan in 2020 with plans for multiple platforms and languages.

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