Death end re;Quest Will Have You Save A Girl Trapped In A Discontinued VRMMORPG

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Compile Heart announced a new PlayStation 4 game called Death end re;Quest by their Galapagos RPG label. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares more on its interesting premise and systems. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089 and Hachima.]


The game is told from the viewpoint of both game and real-life of a glitching world. The game’s story features bugs that can act on their own accord, NPCs with hearts, the mystery behind characters that can’t exist, and so on.


Development Staff

  • Producer: Norihisa Kochiwa
  • Director: Yohei Saito
  • Scenario: Makoto Kedouin
  • Character Designer: Kei Nanameda
  • Monster Designers: Yuji Kaida, Kia Asamiya, Junya Ishigaki
  • Guest Character Designer: huke
  • Sound: Sugiura Yuki
  • Theme Song/Sound: Gesshoku Kaigi
  • Concept Adviser: Ichiro Kusaka



The protagonist is a programmer named Shin Mizunashi who receives an email from “Shiina Ninomiya,” who was said to have gone missing a year ago. Shin must take action in order to save a girl who is stuck and unable to logout from a VRMMORPG called “World Odyssey” that discontinued its development. Shiina has been existing as the only player in the bug-filled World Odyssey. Shin will work with NPCs who possess hearts as well as real-life coworkers “in” and “out” of the game.



  • The game features turn-based command battles. Attacks can be evaded and countered. A character can freely move and take action within limited space during their turns.


  • There’s a knockback system to hit enemies away. This system brings a strategic element that allows you to further damage enemies by crashing them into each other or by using it for positional advantages.


  • The “Install Genre System” lets you install game systems from the real world in order to add a genre to the battle.


  • By being in the bug-filled world the character’s bodies and minds get infected by glitches. Once the infection rate goes high enough it changes the character into “Glitch Style” that also comes with tremendous power. However, there appears to be some sort of negative draw to it.


  • The world is filled with bugs so you’ll encounter obstacles such as “invisible floors” and “walls that you can walk through.” You’ll use various “Bug Action” that vary depending on the field and characters.


More information on characters will be revealed on a later date. Death end re;Quest is said to be an extremely orthodox and serious RPG, but it also comes with some kind of erotic costume-change element, so fans can still expect the usual from Compile Heart on that part.



Death end re;Quest is in development for PlayStation 4. Development is currently 51% complete.

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