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Death Mark Trailer Details Mansion Exploration And How To Survive Its Many Terrors



Experience’s new visual novel horror game, Death Mark, features a protagonist who is “marked” along with several others that were invited to a certain mansion. The game’s latest trailer provides us with some more information.


The protagonist will find himself with several other “marked” people in the mansion. To catch you up to speed, there’s a rule that everyone that has been marked will die, but we still don’t know when or how.


Each marked person has their own unique abilities, and you’ll need to pick one as your companion each time you go out exploring the mansion. The partners can be changed at the base, so that means they’ll be switched out for each chapter.


If you find any suspicious areas while exploring you can enter “Investigation Mode” to get a closer look at these spots.The items you find can provide hints, so it’s recommended to check out all of your items whenever you get stuck.


So far it sounds a lot like a Phoenix Wright game,  but let’s not forget that Death Mark is a horror game that will throw things like floating faces in the dark or humans with half-plant faces, and other terrors.


For the most part, running into any of these threats means death. Working with your partner will be crucial in getting around the threats. That said, using personal belongings and making the right choices will also be just as important in order to survive. Perhaps the items you gather may even have hints on how to fight off the fiends.


When encountering one of these strange creatures, you’ll be met with a “Deadly Choice” selection. Making the right choice before the time limit means survival but wrong choices bring you closer to death. Choosing the absolute worst answer means instant death.


Death Mark releases in Japan on June 1, 2017 for PlayStation Vita.

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