Death Ray Manta Brings A Little More Fish To The Arena Shmup


    Rob Fearon has released his new, hyper-colorful top-down arena shmup Death Ray Manta on Steam.


    You play as, yes, a manta that can shoot frickin’ laser beams from its head. Seconds after spawning in each spacey arena, all sorts of nasties arrive: mines, rabbits, robots, and even more lasers. Key to surviving the 32 levels – apart from shooting everything – is collecting the space gems as they make the little manta go wild (and up your score significantly).


    “It runs at a lovely 60 frames per second, throws a heapload of particles around and after the five hundredth person asked for it, yes, it’s now a twin stick shooter so you can all leave me alone and stop asking for that now," Rob Fearon said upon the release of the game.

    Chris Priestman

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