Death’s Gambit Looks Like A 2D Shadow Of The Colossus





Death’s Gambit is an upcoming 2D action-RPG that’ll hopefully be funded through Kickstarter soon. It’s impossible to talk about Death’s Gambit without mentioning Shadow of the Colossus due to there being so many similarities.


You can see it in the screenshots and gifs on the game’s website: you take down colossi by chasing them on a horse, leap onto them with a hookshot, and then take them down by destroying weak points around their body. Well, that’s at least one of the enemy designs as you can see in this gif.


There is more to Death’s Gambit than what would appear to be a 2D version of Shadow of the Colossus. For a start, there are smaller enemies that are no less deadly. It’s set on an alien medieval planet filled with beasts that leap at you with spears, and knights that tower over you in size and might.


It’s not all swordplay either, as you are also armed with a plasma gun that seems it will certainly come in handy. That said, the developers describe every new enemy encounter as a “complex hack-n-slash puzzle to solve.”


As to the story, it’s present, but will be told in a subtle manner, through each piece of the environment and the game’s mechanics. So you’ll have to do a little work to piece it together and make sense of it.


No platforms or release date has been announced for Death’s Gambit yet, but you can watch livestreamed footage of it on Twitch, as well as keep track of its progress on its website.

Chris Priestman