Death’s Gambit Trailer Has Large Knights, Colossi Climbing



    Developer White Rabbit has released a new trailer for its action-RPG Death’s Gambit.


    All that White Rabbit has said about the game until now is this: “Become the agent of Death and rid this world of immortals.” But, as evidenced by the trailer, we know that it involves fighting twisted knights twice your size, climbing large creatures with the aid of a grappling hook to take them down, and a combat system that focuses on timing and varies with sword, shield, and bow and arrow.


    It’s also a visually magnificent game with the pixel art doing a good job at creating epic backdrops: quiet medieval towns lit by an orange dusk, hoar frost stuck to a spindly forest, and a necropolis occupied by osseous remains and the dried blood of dishevelled corpses.


    Look out for more information on Death’s Gambit as it arrives on its website.

    Chris Priestman

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