Deathsmiles I and II Steam Will Appear With a Limited Physical Edition

Deathsmiles I and II coming to PC Steam

City Connection has announced the release date of Deathsmiles I and II on PC via Steam. The compilation of the side-scrolling shoot ’em up game series will launch on June 23, 2022. While the publisher had set up the Steam page in early April 2022, it only listed a Summer 2022 release window before today’s announcement.

The original Deathsmiles has been available on Steam since 2016. This compilation will bring the whole series to PC and align it with the recent console releases. It will include the first game’s Mega Black Label upgrade. The sequel will also appear as its updated version, Deathsmiles IIX Merry Christmas in Hell.

City Connection will also sell a limited physical edition that includes digital Steam key codes in Japan. It will have more content than the Gothic wa Mahou Otome Love Max Edition package released for the PS4 and Switch. The latter included a physical arranged soundtrack album and a serial code to unlock DLC characters. The physical PC package will add a mouse pad and a Steam key code for the digital version of the soundtrack.

The physical Deathsmiles I and II for Steam Special Edition will be available in Japan for ¥7,980 (~$63). People residing anywhere worldwide can purchase the package at Clarice Shop, which supports international shipping with services like Buyee and Tenso.

Deathsmiles I and II will be available on PC via Steam on June 23, 2022. City Connection released the compilation on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in December 2021.

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