A Decapitated Man Weaponizes His Lost Head In Virgil’s Purgatory


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After being decapitated, Virgil finds himself wandering Purgatory, unable to find peace until he can locate his lost head in sidescroller Virgil’s Purgatory.


vp2 vp2


Purgatory is filled with monsters, and Virgil’s only weapon against them is the temporary head on his shoulders. He can throw this at foes to damage them, but will have to go pick the head back up again before he can attack further.


Virgil’s Purgatory is an expanded version of a Game Boy Jam game, offering six stages, five bosses, and several handy power-ups to help the player through the game’s hour-long play time.


vp2  vp2


Virgil’s Purgatory is available for free on Itch.io. It’s source code is also available there for those who wish to learn how to make their own Game Boy-styled games.

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