Deck-Building RPG A Long Way Down Lets Players Adjust The Dungeons They Explore


A Long Way Down is a deck-building RPG where players will have a hand in building the dungeons they explore, creating paths to safety or rewarding themselves with treasures. However, sinister forces will add something equally dangerous to the dungeon for every benefit, so players will still need to choose their cards with care.


A Long Way Down follows Sam down into the realm of an evil mastermind, having him use a deck of dungeon tile cards, weaponry, and attacks to survive the maze. Depending on card choices, players can completely reroute dungeons, give themselves melee or magical attacks, and shape the game and their exploration as they see fit. Players will need to keep in mind that some powerful cards will cause their enemies to play equally strong negative cards (or their multiplayer opponent to do so), so they may need to weigh if a benefit or shortcut is worth it.

Players don’t have to tackle the dungeon’s dangers alone, as the game involves a morality system that will see them gaining allies to help them or new enemies to fear. Players will also be gathering memories from Sam’s past that will help clarify the adventure, offering multiple ways to play and things to discover on each run.


A Long Way Down is listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on its Steam page.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!