Defeat Enemies Using The Power Of Friendship And Song In Ar NoSurge

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Gust’s Ar noSurge is an upcoming RPG mash-up between the worlds of Ar tonelico and Ciel noSurge, taking place in the Surge Concerto universe. Song Magic will also be making a return, and the game’s official website gives us a look at some of its new combat features.


During battle, you’ll have a four meter bar on the bottom-right of your screen, which indicates the “Harmo Level”. Once the meter fills up, you’ll be able to activate a special mode called “Harmo Burst”.


While in Harmo Burst mode, it allows you to continuously pull off powerful attacks against your enemies, and if certain conditions are met, you’ll be able to pull off even stronger song magic. Additionally, if the heroine’s tension levels are high, it’ll increase the amount which your meter fills up.


As you advance through the story, you’ll gain the trust of your comrades, followed by the ability to use “Friend skills,” a support attack from your allies. The Friend Skills can do heavy damage to enemies and various other effects. You can only use a Friend Skill once per fight, so you might have to think twice before using them at times.


Ar noSurge is slated for release on March 6, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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