G-Style corporation are adding yet another shoot-em-up to DSiWare, titled Gurutto! Saver. Translated to English, “gurutto” refers to turning around in a circle, and that’s what the game involves as well.


Enemies in Gurutto! Saver will attack from all directions. Because of this, G-Style call it an “omni-directional defense shooting game”. You’ll need to defend your mothership against these attacks, but the in-game view may not be what you’re thinking of. The simplest way to understand what Gurutto! Saver looks like is to watch this video:



You can earn medals by fulfilling certain conditions, too. There are 50 medals to collect. G-Style have also included a multiplayer feature for two players over local wireless.


Gurutto! Saver will blast on to Japanese DSiWare on May 25th for 500 DSi Points (that’s 500 yen, or about $6.00).



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