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Defend A City From The Giant Robots Of 1950s Sci-Fi In Fortified



Clapfoot Games is working on Fortified for PC and consoles, which is a third-person action-strategy game about defending a city from an alien and robot invasion.


What’s probably most appealing about Fortified is its 1950’s sci-fi aesthetic. The visual design of the giant robots and UFOs are straight out of an old comic book or film from the era, with big glass domes and shiny metal making up their form.


You, on the other hand, will be playing a jetpack pilot firing off a ray gun, able to fly around to get a better view of the battlefield, which will be handy when plotting your strategy.


You’ll need to work as a team, with you building defensive structures as well as training and commanding units to fight against the wave of enemies.


There’s more information about Fortified on its website.

Chris Priestman