Defend Love In Co-op Shmup Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

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After winning the hearts of many at various festivals over the years, Asteroid Base is finally bringing its frantic co-op platformer-shmup Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime to PC and Xbox One this September 9th.


It’s a game in which you and a partner attempt to defend a neon pink battleship by running around its various stations to shoot weapons, maneuver it, and restore shields. The challenge is being everywhere at once or, at least, being where you need to be at the critical moment.


What’s attacking you? The forces of Anti-Love, of course. Weird-looking and large robots, in other words. And it’s not just a matter of your survival either. As you also have to try to rescue kidnapped space-bunnies while you’re at it.


There are also space gems to collect that let you upgrade your ship with new weapons and tools. And as everything is randomized (including level layouts) each time you play you really will have to search for all these things.


You can play with another person locally or you can play by yourself and instruct an AI pet around to where you want it to go. Find out more about Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime on its website.

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