Delinquents Arrive To Mess Up Your Day In Yandere Simulator’s March Update

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The March update for Yandere Simulator brings armed delinquents to the school – students who will watch you should you get too close, and do more than that should they see you armed.




Delinquents will behave differently from normal students in that they will watch you should you walk nearby, observing your behavior more closely than other students. Should you get too close, they will shove you, and should you walk near them while armed or holding a body, they will attack, resulting in a Game Over.


These delinquents do not speak to the player yet, but in a later update, the developer intends to let the player speak to them while their reputation is low. This may result in possible new routes to dispose of body parts.




The update video also makes mention of the school’s incinerator, which will be a powerful player tool for destroying evidence. As such, the developer talks about how it will be placed in a difficult-to-reach area of the school, creating tension as the player tries to bring a body into it to be removed. Delinquents will also hang out near it (at designated times), making it even harder to reach.




Difficulties in reaching the incinerator can be dealt with using the cello case, which has returned with this update. Players can also use garbage cans to lug body parts at designated cleaning times during the day.


The developer also mentions that he hopes to be able to implement the ability to put body parts in garbage bags and leave them for students to pick up at cleanup time.




Delinquents will also have a leader in a later update, and this leader will appear in the latter half of the game as the player’s rival and most difficult opponent.

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