Demo For Metroidvania Nightkeep Introduces Players To Its Highly-Customizable Sword


Nightkeep is a Demon’s Crest and Castlevania-inspired Metroidvania that offers players a sword that can be changed to better suit many different combat situations, which they can try out in the game’s newly-released demo.


In the world of Nightkeep, players will control Arietta, a huntress, as she takes on quests for the local populace. These quests will take her out into the forests, graveyards, crypts, and castles of the area surrounding Nightkeep village. These can involve killing beasts and bosses, or finding relics and items, and for each one they turn in complete, they will gain Rank Points that will let them improve their abilities as well as unlock new quests and bits of storyline. It will be up to the player which quests they choose to complete, giving them some control over how Nightkeep plays out.

Nightkeep doesn’t feature traditional weapon swapping in the game, but instead gives the player a sword whose shape can be altered by magic gems. These can give the sword a longer blade, make it change shape into a whip with different attack abilities, or give it all manner of varied effects. This melee weapon will be backed up by throwing weapons of various types, giving players hurled objects that will be instantly familiar to Castlevania veterans.


Nightkeep’s developer is currently raising funding on IndieGoGo, with a demo available from the fundraising campaign as well.

Alistair Wong
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