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Demon Gaze 2 Gets Its First Set Of Screenshots



Kadokawa Games recently announced that Demon Gaze 2 is releasing in Japan in fall 2016 along with a few details on the game’s setting and characters. Famitsu gives us a look at its first screenshots.




Demon Gaze 2 is a follow-up title to the 2013 PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler. It takes place several years after the first game in a city-state called Asteria, where a new story will be told.


In Demon Gaze 2, you won’t simply “summon” the Demons, but they’ll be “allies” that you work together with instead. That said, you will get to tackle on dungeons together with various Demons that are full of characteristics.


The story starts out when the protagonist’s foster mother disappears, and the protagonist is suspicious of Asteria’s leaders. From there, they form the Asteria Revolutionaries. Using Stella’s as a base, they will take action. The story of the revolutionaries will greatly unfold after a certain event.


Demon Gaze 2 will release in Japan in fall 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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