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Demon Gaze Extra Switch and PS4 and Its Free DLC Out Today

Demon Gaze Extra Switch and PS4 and Its Free DLC Out Today

Following a brief delay from December 9, 2021 to January 6, 2022, Demon Gaze Extra is now available on the PS4 and Switch outside Japan. Both a standard and digital deluxe edition are available. However, there’s more than just the base game. People can immediately pick up both free and paid Demon Gaze Extra DLC too.

First, there are three pieces of free Demon Gaze Extra DLC. These are the Yomi wo Saku Hana/Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi characters DLC, the Local Specialties of Misrid! Foodstuffs for Any Occasion pack, and You Can Be a veteran Hunter Tool Weapon Set. The characters pack adds Haijuji, Hamba, Kuzedo, Sandra, and Ruki NPC characters and character illustrations. The foodstuffs pack gives people three Dahl foi gras, three whiskeys, four wines, five aged cheeses, five apples, five beers, five big-boned meats, and ten seafood skewers. All of these can help and heal during adventures. The tools et includes weapons like a broadsword, lance, moon jamadhar, morning star, raider’s bow, seasoned katana, spirit staff, and wisp rod.

There are also paid DLC items. Here’s the list of add-ons available so far. Each one costs $2.99.

  • Artifact Gem Assortment
  • Assorted Rare Items of the Gods Set
  • Equipment (Weapons & Armor) Gem Assortment
  • Live the Posh Hunter Life! Luxury Furniture Set
  • Spicy (Special) Gem Assortment

The $64.99 Digital Deluxe Edition also includes more DLC for the extra $5. People get the Tons of Fun! Perfect Gem Set with it for the new Machina job and characters.

Demon Gaze Extra is now available on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 outside Japan. The original Demon Gaze is available on the PlayStation Vita. People only have until February 16, 2022 to claim the free Demon Gaze Extra DLC.

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