Why Is A Demon-Girl Stalking You In Toshin Toshi?

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The latest reveal in semi-harem remake action RPG Toshin Toshi gives us a droplet of information on demon girl Sakuya. This stranger who stalks hero Seed in the shadows attacks him, trying to prevent him from entering the Toshin tournament.


Why does she hate humans, and keep herself cloaked with a voluminous cape to hide her pointy horns? You’ll have to pierce her heart and possibly tsundere character, wooing her to find out and obtain her “Gift” skill ability—a special skill that each woman is uniquely endowed with in the world of Toshin Toshi.



Somewhere in the back of your head, you’ll have to remember that Seed is supposed to be doing this entire tournament to win the hand of Hazuki, his true love. While keeping this in mind, you’ll also need to capture the female monsters that plague the labyrinth of the Toshin tournament which you’ll be navigating. Once you’ve weakened them you’ll be able to seal them into cards, which you can then equip in what looks like a deck slot.


These will all level up individually too, with a lot of them to capture. Each card has three different categories—check out Yamorin (above), whose main skill you can use in battle is called Sixty Four Kicks. Each card also has a passive support skill such as Yamorin’s Counter as well as an On-Field effect. That’s gonna be some serious mix-and-matching going on.



Once you’ve leveled up a card to maximum, you’ll be able to reach the innermost parts of the monster girl’s heart. A challenge opens up called “Break Gift” where you’ll have to fight the monster woman and triumph over her, finally unlocking their ultimate skill. These ultimate skills will come with their own animations and CGs.

Toshin Toshi will be out January 30th for the Nintendo 3DS.

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