Demon Slayer Sabito & Makomo Figures Arrive in April 2024


Phat Company will release 1/7 scale figures of Sabito and Makomo from Demon Slayer in April 2024. Pre-orders are open via AmiAmi and Good Smile Company. Each figure will cost 19,800 JPY, which is around $151.15. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

Though the Makomo figure is just a normal scale one that you can pose, you can actually swap around parts on the Sabito. Not only can you remove his mask if you wish, but you can also replace his wooden sword with a Nichirin sword. Both the Demon Slayer Sabito and Makomo figures will come with their own base stands. Sabito’s look like he is standing on stone. Meanwhile, Makomo’s looks like she is standing on the forest ground with some rocks behind her.

Here are some pictures of Sabito:

Here are some pictures of Makomo:

In Demon Slayer, Sabito and Makomo are two former students of Urokodaki’s. Though they are fairly minor characters, they play an important role in Tanjiro’s early development. Sabito in particular helped Tanjiro to master his Water Breathing technique. Despite their short appearances, there are several figures of the duo, and they are playable characters in the Demon Slayer: Hinokami Chronicles game.

The Sabito and Makomo figures from Demon Slayer are available to pre-order and they will come out in April 2024.

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