Demon Slayer Zenitsu and Nezuko Nendoroids Returning For Rerelease

Demon Slayer Zenitsu Nezuko Nendoroid

Good Smile Company has announced that Demon Slayer Zenitsu and Nezuko Nendoroids will be returning to its online store. Pre-orders for Nezuko are currently open and will last until July 1, 2021. She is expected to ship in December 2021. Zenitsu on the other hand, is currently available though the US Good Smile Company Store.  Zenitsu is priced at $56.99 and Nezuko at $54.99.

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Each Nendoroid will come with customizable faceplates and accessories. Zenitsu, for example, has four different faceplates ranging from his signature terrified expression to his sleeping expression. Nezuko, on the other hand, comes with two faceplates: her standard and demon expressions. Her demon expression in particular features facial veins, just like in the anime adaptation.

Zenitsu comes with his Nichirin katana, which can be unsheathed to reveal the unique electric pattern on the blade. His figure also comes with two semi-transparent “Thunderclap and Flash” effects that can be paired to recreate the character’s Thunder Breathing form. Additionally, Nezuko also comes with an accessory wooden box that can be carried by an actual Tanjiro Nendoroid.

You can check out images of the Nendoroids below:

Both Demon Slayer Nendoroids were originally released back in 2020, and have had rereleases in the past. The previous rerelease was back in February 2021. This rerelease comes just after the North American opening of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train movie, which grossed over 34 million dollars at the box office.

The Demon Slayer Zenitsu and Nezuko Nendoroid figures are currently available to purchase and pre-order, which will last until July 1, 2021. The Zenitsu Nendoroid will cost $56.99, and the Nezuko Nendoroid will cost $54.99. The Nezuko figure plans to ship in December 2021.

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