DeNA Launches Free Manga App In Both English And Japanese


One of the bugbears of those interested in Japanese manga is how long it might take before a translated version finally hits West—if it ever even leaves Japan’s shores at all. DeNA have heard your cries and are branching out with a new service called Manga Box.


It’s a completely free app for your smartphones that has a host of manga currently available for reading in both English and Japanese. For free as well.


While there aren’t any absolutely famous ones on their list right now, excepting perhaps the 4-panel joke manga Spoof On Titan, there’s still stuff there that has titles too good not to at least take a peek at—including The Great Phrases Woman Fall For. Why would you not want to read something with a title that awesome?


Interestingly, the app bills itself as a weekly e-magazine, but puts out new chapters for different manga series every day. You’ll be able to swap between the Japanese and English translations at will, which  makes for an obvious comparison to train your language skills if you’re learning Japanese.


If the platform takes off, we might be seeing more and varied types of manga, making Manga Box an app we’ll be keeping an eye on. You can pick Manga Box up on iOS and Android devices.