Dengeki Readers Pick Game And Anime Characters They’d Like To Befriend



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Another fascinating pair of polls on Dengeki, this time with readers picking game and anime characters that they’d like to befriend. As usual, the lists below contain some expected and some mind-boggling choices.




Rank Character Series
1. Mario Super Mario Bros.
2. Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid
3. Sunohara Youhei Clannad
4. Yuri Lowell Tales of Vesperia
5. Felynes Monster Hunter
6. Kyosuke Natsume Little Busters!
7. Amaterasu Okami
8. Sora Kingdom Hearts
9. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
10. Zidane Final Fantasy IX




Rank Character Series
1. Doraemon Doraemon
2. Hirasawa Yui K-ON!
3. Kamijou Touma Toaru Majutsu no Index
4. Sunohara Youhei Clannad
5. Koyomi Araragi Bakemonogatari
6. General Vamp Tentai Senshi Sun Red
7. Goku Dragon Ball
8. Pikachu Pokémon
9. Konata Izumi Lucky Star
10. Hideki Hinata Angel Beats

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