Design A Bonne Mech For Mega Man Legends 3

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The next phase of Capcom’s Mega Man Legends 3 fan-collaboration project is on. Phase 2 is called the "Bonne Mecha Proposal Rally" and requires fan input for a new Bonne Mech.


Mega Man Legends 3 director, Mazakazu Eguchi, starts out by posting conceptual of past mechs used by the Bonne family in Mega Man Legends games:



megaman_bonne_mechs_01 megaman_bonne_mechs_02

These mechs, he says, were the culmination of ideas from Capcom’s planners, designers, programmers, sound staff, and other staff. Eguchi then goes on to post a series of images showing a discussion between him and assistant director, Ishihara, that discusses the Bonne Mecha Proposal Rally.



That’s a conceptual sketch by Eguchi of how you encounter the new mech in Legends 3. You’re exploring some ruins that are said to hold a grand treasure when the thing comes crashing down through the ceiling.



Following Eguchi’s description of the area, Ishihara concludes he wants something similar to Jewyin Lake from the first Mega Man Legends game. That’s the resulting concept sketch above. There’s water flowing under the ground and from both walls on the side.


Eguchi goes on to specify that the mech will drop through the ceiling, which will cause the ruin’s booby trap to go off and the  place will start to cave in. Ishihara feels they might needs to lose the indention at the top of the concept.


The floor could then potentially bunch up, allowing the player to reach the top of the Bonne mech’s hatch, with Tron Bonne inside it. There’s talk of a possible one-on-one close-quarters battle with Tron herself.


So, here’s what fans need to do: You need to submit ideas — either in the form of text or illustrations — for the new Bonne Mech in Legends 3. If your idea is used, you’ll be included in the game’s credits.


We’d recommend checking out the full developer post and reading the conversation between Eguchi and Ishihara to get a better feel for the Bonne Mech scene, and to see how to submit your idea. There’s a handy image that details what the Bonne family is for series newcomers, too.

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