Design Your Own Battles With Lionmen, Martial Arts Dwarves, & More In Hartacon Tactics

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When not playing through the game’s story, fighting across the continent of Kaus with teams made up of a combination of lionmen, knights, dwarves, and more, players can create their own maps to fight on in turn-based tactical RPG Hartacon Tactics.


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Hartacon Tactics gives player access to a range of different classes to fight groups of enemies across the world. These range from familar fighters like knights, an all around balanced unit, to beastmen of varied types and other unique styles of class. Each of these has access to specific weapons, and come with different movement styles, jump heights, and amount of times they can act in a turn.


Weapons are an important thing to factor into choosing a unit as well. Weapons offer varied effects, such as the hammer’s ability to break armor and the throwing knife’s ability to inflict status ailments. Therefore, players will want to consider which weapons a unit can use, and how its properties will work with their strategies.


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Players can take their chosen teams into battle through the game’s story, and can also choose to battle other players online, seeing which has designed the better group of units. They can also take the time to create their own maps using the game’s editor, creating battles all of their own.


Hartacore Tactics was originally released on Xbox Live Indie Games, but the developer has since removed it from the service citing issues with Microsoft. It is now set to release on Steam after having passed through Steam Greenlight. A demo and release date are said to be forthcoming.

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