Destiny Child Catherine Collaboration Will Begin On October 17, 2019


destiny child catherine full body


Catherine, Katherine, and Rin are going to make a debut in another video game. Destiny Child has announced its Catherine: Full Body crossover. Between October 17-24, 2019, different characters and events inspired by the series will be showing up in the mobile card game.


All three Catherines will be able to be added to players’ decks, thanks to the Destiny Child Catherine collaboration. Girlfriend Katherine was the first revealed and seems like a debuffer who will tear enemies down. She can use Allure, which removes enemy buffs, and Marked, which makes everyone target one specific enemy. Cheating Catherine is more of a defender. You could use her Immortal skill to make her temporarily invulnerable, Life Link to convert a percent of damage to recovery for a brief time, and Taunt to make enemies attack her and not allies. The skills for Rin, who will be a healer unit people can get starting on October 24, 2019, have not been revealed yet.


There will be a Catherine-themed raid boss as well. Crimson Katherine appears to be inspired by one of the Catherine: Full Body endings. Like Girlfriend Katherine, she can use the Marked skill. Though, in her case, Marked will always target your healer first.


Here’s the Destiny Child Catherine collaboration trailer.



Destiny Child is available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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