Destiny Connect Introduces The People Of Its Past And Isaac’s Form Changes

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Nippon Ichi has updated the official website for Destiny Connect with more information regarding Sherry’s trip to the past, the people she meets there, and Isaac the mecha’s ability to change forms.


To the past!

past 1

past 2


In order to return Clockney in 2000 to its former state, Sherry and Pegreo head to the past using Isaac’s time travel function in order to find a solution. They end up in Clockney 30 years ago.


The Secret of the Department Store

past 3


The giant department store that’s the pride of the town, Save The Queen, is being plagued by rumors of ghosts appearing within. In order to find out the secret of the department store, Sherry and Pegreo end up working together with several kids they meet in the past.


past 4

past 5


They sneak in after closing time, and see several mecha seemingly talking to each other…


The kids of the past


destiny connect 4


“Who the heck are you guys? Never seen you around these parts.”


A boy Sherry and the others meet in Clockney’s past. He uncouth, but has a strong sense of justice. Truth is currently investigating the mysteries surrounding Save The Queen.



destiny connect 5


“Hey, Truth!! You shouldn’t talk to a girl like that, okay?!”


Truth’s close friend. He tags along with Truth, who tends to argue with others a lot. He loves to eat.



destiny connect 6


“Our cherry pie is our specialty! Feel free to try it out if you wish!”


A girl in Clockney’s past who’s helping out at Café Blossom. She’s very kind, and close friends with Truth and Dumpty.


Isaac’s Form Change

form change 1


Previously, we introduced how Isaac can customized by installing gears at Backfahren Collectables. These gears are created using parts dropped by enemies, and are categorized into gold, silver, and bronze types. The better the gear, the higher Isaac’s abilities get.

Depending on the slot, the stat that is upgraded will change. More slots open up as Isaac levels up.


Form Change

form change 2

form change 3


There are six ‘Form Changes’ that Isaac will unlock as you progress, which changes its look and stats significantly. The basic stats and skills that can be learnt differ between each form. Form Changes don’t use up your turn, so feel free to use it as many times as you want in a battle. Changing out which form to use will be key in winning battles.


Each form has its own gear slots as mentioned above, so perhaps one effective way could be to focus on upgrading one form at first.


  • Guardian Form

form change 4

form change 5


Isaac’s basic form. It acts as a guardian that protects everyone using its thick plating. However, it can’t evade attacks well. It can use the Iron Wall skill to buff the party’s defense, and attack with the Radiant Beam AOE attack.


  • Rescue Form

form change 6

form change 7


The form of a kind rescue unit member who focuses on healing and removing danger. This form is useful when you’re in a pinch. In Rescue Form, Isaac can use Medical Shower, a skill that heals everyone’s HP, as well as Dangerous Object Removal, which attacks a single enemy and debuffs the enemy’s attack.


Destiny Connect releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on March 14, 2019. Check out its first trailer here.

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