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Destroyer Trillion Introduces Its Demon-Filled Supporting Cast



    In Destroyer Trillion, the demon lords will need all the help they can get to chip away at Trillion and all of his 1,000,000,000,000 HP over time. The official website introduces us to some of the sub-characters that will help them along the journey.




    Lilith is the wife of the first generation Satan, and also Zeablos’ grandmother. She was previously a demon lord that represented the seal of “grandiose, but she died in the fight when Trillion previously appeared, and now resides in the demon lord castle as a ghost.




    Baphomet is the minister of the underworld, and is also Zeablos’ butler. He’s been a butler since the very first generation of demon lords, and is pretty much a walking dictionary that knows about the existence of Trillion. He’s been taking care of Zeablos ever since the demon lord was a child, and is a little overprotective around him.




    Ragon is from a high-class demon race that helps out the demon lords. He’s calm and composed, courageous, and has a long military record that tells you just how talented he is. Ragon fights using a Rapier.




    Gao is also from a high-class demon race that helps out the demon lords with practices. Contrary to Ragon, Gao is more on the foolhardy side, and is all about brute force. He attacks using a giant iron ball.




    The Doctor is who you’ll visit after getting injured from rough training. He walks around carrying suspicious medicine, which he sells at a trial price so that he can examine his little experiments.




    The Nurse is an assistant to the Doctor, and she follows him around everywhere he goes. Contrary to her looks, she’s a rough character, and isn’t very good with the syringe, often failing and having trouble using them with her patients.


    Destroyer Trillion will release in Japan on May 21, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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