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Destroyer Trillion Is A New Vita RPG Compile Heart And Disgaea 4’s Director



With Moero Chronicle, Planet Destroyer Black Heart, and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation, it looks like Compile Heart have been keeping themselves busy. The list goes on with the addition of their recently announced Vita game, Destroyer Trillion.


The Destroyer Trillion is actually the name of the game’s main antagonist, who is said to have a “grudge of one trillion”. The protagonist is a young boy, who’ll be with six other demon lord girls. According to the report, it appears as though some live(s) will be lost when you confront the Destroyer Trillion.


Destroyer Trillion will also have a limited edition version for 8,800 yen, that will come with an art book, soundtrack, and a bundle of seven short stories, when it’s released for PlayStation Vita sometime in 2014.

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