Destroyer Trillion Shares More On Its Roguelike Training Dungeon

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We previously reported that Destroyer Trillion will have a special training dungeon with a roguelike system, which you can use to train your Demon Lords for the fight against Trillion. The official website updates us with more information on the feature.


The Valley of the Thousand Blades training dungeon is a place where you can enter by using “Training Medals” acquired by achieving “Super Great Success” in training. While in the roguelike training dungeon, you can acquire Demon Markings, used to upgrade weapons, along with other rare equipment and items.


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However, this dungeon won’t be too easy, as there’s a set amount of time you can stay in there, and the time diminishes after your turns. During your time in the training dungeon, you’ll defeat various demon beasts as you explore the dungeon, and try to find items. This is how you’ll get massive amounts of experience points.



Next is a look at the Demon Blacksmith’s, where you can upgrade Demon Lord weapons. There are two categories of upgrades, with Standard Upgrade, and Demon Marking Additions.



The Standard Upgrades are simply done by paying a fee, while the Demon Marking Additions add special effects from the Demon Markings to the weapon. Weapons can have up to eight slots for the Demon Markings, and you can unlock them by paying a fee, which varies according to the number of times you’ve used Standard Upgrades.



Here are some examples of Demon Markings:


  • Marking of Rule: the Demon Lord gets a status up each time a Reinforcement Devil dies.


  • Marking of Break: nullifies damage taken for up to five times.


  • Marking of Expulsion: a Demon Marking that allows you to do two regular attacks in a row.



Faust does all kinds of research, day and night, at the laboratory, where she creates all kinds of strange items. As you advance through the fight against Trillion, the lab will get more items. You can purchase and sell items and equipment here. This is also where you can employ the Reinforcement Devils.


Destroyer Trillion is slated for release in Japan on May 21, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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