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A Detailed Look At The Five Jobs In Style Savvy 3



    One of the biggest new features in Style Savvy 3 is that players can take on five different jobs, and that includes the new Designer job that lets you design your own clothes. 4Gamer shares more screenshots and details from their time with the game.


    Select Shop Manager:

    008 009

    002 003

    This is the first job that players will get to take on, and it’s where you’ll use your inventory of items and find a good match for customer requests, similar to Style Savvy: Trendsetters. At first, it’ll be requests for simple colors and patterns, but later on it will become quite tough with clothing coordination required.


    004 005

    006 007

    Shop Managers have access to all kinds of different brands and styles to work with, and can be purchased at the trade show, so you can sell them at your shop. The lineup of clothes will change everyday, so it’s best to grab any clothing you find appealing at these.



    010 011


    Beauticians also take requests from customers, except they’ll be working on hairstyles and hair color for their customers.


    013 014


    Similar to the Shop Manager, these requests will be simple at first, but then they’ll start by making requests like “I’d like to have hair that fits a bowling tournament I’ll be going to,” so you’ll need to figure out which hairstyles work best for these requests.


    016 017

    018 019

    Hairstyle varieties increase the more you cut and style hair.


    Makeup Artist:


    020 021

    022 024

    Makeup Artists are another request-based job, where customers will bring in photographs, and you’ll need to do your best to give them the same style and look as seen in the picture.


    025 026

    023 027

    You’ll also get to make your own sets of makeup and sell them at the store. There will even be the occasional male customers who show up to buy their girlfriends gifts, and you’ll need to cater to them as well.



    028 029


    The Designer job is all about giving clothing items your own touch. These items can be made completely from scratch, or can even be created as a collaboration item with other brands. In addition to regular clothes, Designers can work on bags, shoes, tights, and more.


    031 032 033 034

    There’s a Designer’s Lounge area that you can visit to work on collaboration items with other brands. Once you finish making an item, they can be sold at the store, too.



    035 036


    The Model job will take you all over the place, as they work anywhere from open cafés to live houses, and posters for attraction parks and flower gardens. They get requests from all kinds of different people, and you’ll need to know your poses for the best look.


    038 039

    040 041


    Requests vary from “cute” to “pop” and you’ll also need to match your clothing with the photo shooting location.


    043 044


    Once you put in enough work on all five jobs, you’ll get to be part of fashion shows. There are different themes for the fashion shows, so you’ll also want to work on your clothing coordination for these events. Successful events will lead to more customers in your shop.


    046 047

    048  050

     051 052 053 054

    Style Savvy 3 also offers a new mini-room customization mode that lets you design, share, and show off rooms with your friends. You can read more about it in our earlier report.


    055 056

    057 058


    Beauticians and Makeup Artist jobs will have features that make it easy with the “leave in your care” option, which can basically be used to take on some of the more simple requests.


    057 058


    You can also save your favorite clothing coordination, hairstyles, and makeup looks, so that’ll come in handy for when you need to look through your previous work for fashion shows.


    060 061 062 063

    065 064


    Style Savvy 3 is currently available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. A Western release has not been announced yet.

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