Nintendo 3DS

Details On Final Fantasy Explorers’ First Four Jobs



Square Enix recently announced Final Fantasy Explorers, an upcoming multiplayer action game, and the first hunting-style game from the Final Fantasy series. The game’s official website shares some details on the jobs that have been announced thus far.





Knights are well-balanced in offense and defense. In addition to their offensive prowess, they specialize in defensive abilities that can be used for guarding.





Similar to the roles they’ve had in past Final Fantasy games, Monks are all about physical attacks. They have low defense but make up for it with high vitality and the ability to rush down enemies with waves of attacks.


Black Mage:



Black Mages are experts at offensive magic. Using their high-powered magic attacks, they can attack enemies from a long range. If they’re anything like the Black Mages we’ve come to know, they will likely be the “glass cannon” types that can pack quite the punch.


White Mage:



And finally, the White Mage job that saves lives with heals and power up allies with supportive abilities. You’ll probably want one of these around to stay alive against tough foes.


Final Fantasy Explorers is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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