More Details On Freedom Wars’ New Heroine And Rival Characters

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We recently got a look at the heroine character and your rival in Freedom Wars’ latest trailer. While both characters still remain shrouded in mystery, the officia website’s latest update gives us a closer look at the characters.


Beatrice “Lilly” Anastasi:


2014-03-06_032959 beatrice_img2

Lilly is a mysterious female character in the Panopticon who was rescued by the protagonist. Even after being rescued, she remains active as a prisoner, as she’ll be helping the protagonist in battle.



Lilly appears to have resigned to her fate as a prisoner and has given up on her dreams. That said, even though she has her concerns, she does her best to keep moving forward with a positive personality. She’s also a bit of a technology geek.


Abel “Strafe” Balto:


2014-03-06_033229 abel_img2

Abel is from a rival Panopticon called “Hourai” that competes with the one the protagonist resides in as a prisoner. This Panopticon has a strong alliance with various others, and Abel is the ace of Hourai. He’s also considered one of the “world’s strongest prisoners”.


abel_img1 img_1

The “Red Rage” is an original man-made Abductor that he can control on his own. While this artificial Abductor is the oldest of them all, it’s still one of the strongest. For the longest time, its existence was in doubt, until it appeared alongside Abel.


It is said that this could mean that the Hourai Panopticon may have found a way to revive the lost technologies.



Your android partners called “Accessories” will be there to keep an eye on you at all times, but they’ll also be there to help out in the battlefield.


You’ll be able to customize them any way you like, from facial features, to body size. You’ll also be able to put on different accessories such as headphones, glasses, and decal stickers.


Players will be able to use the “Ruby Talk” feature for their Accessories, which allows you to set phrases for them to say in combat. This feature has various adjustments such as accent, pitch, speed, and more.


Freedom Wars is slated for release this summer in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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