Details on Final Fantasy XIV’s RTS Mini-Game Lord of Verminion


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Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.1 update adds a new RTS mini-game called “Lord of Verminion,” where you’ll use your minions to participate in battles.


Lord of Verminion is a real-time strategy game between two players. The above shares a look at the difference between a real-time and turn-based game



Players will get to use their own minions for battle, and can summon the same minion multiple times. The time limit is 10 minutes, and matches are won by destroying the other player’s “Arcana Stone” within time limit.


The above is a look at the Arcana Stones.



Minions have their own stats of: HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, Skill, Specia Effects, Type, and Cost.



Costs are the number of points needed to summon the minion. The points are refunded when the minion is recalled or defeated. You’ll start out with 60 points at the beginning, and will get up to 240 in the Lord of Verminion battle.



Minions all vary by cost, and higher costs usually mean either stronger minions, or ones with powerful skills. Putting together your team will kind of be like making a deck in a trading card game.


The above shows off some of the Minion Types, and how they also have a triangle of strengths and weaknesses.



There are five [I saw that, Square] different modes for the Lord of Verminion. The Tutorial, Challenge, Training, Battle, and Tournaments that have matchmaking.



There’s more to Lord of Verminion. The matching feature is based on performance, and there will even be event rankings, various achievements, and rewards. Further details to be revealed at the Hiroshima FATE event.


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