Developers Behind F.E.A.R. Want To Scare Us Again With Betrayer



Horror games aren’t always about what you can’t see, as much as the complete isolation surrounding you—something you’ll find lots of in indie studio Blackpowder’s first and apparently self-funded PC title, Betrayer. Blackpowder Games, just so you know, comprises the creative team behind the No One Lives Forever series and the original F.E.A.R.


Everyone in this old British colony (set in the year 1604) is dead. It’s the New World, but someone’s probably gone and touched the wrong thing to have everyone become horrific undead ghouls, ghosts and conquistadors in ye olde armor. But Betrayer doesn’t want to hold your hand or give you monster-in-closet moments. Instead, there are large, open environments which players can slowly peel through. Environments of forests, fields and empty buildings. (Empty save for the ghosts, of course.)


And perhaps, somewhere, a merchant? Just because.


The neato art style is the sort that drives people crazy, too, with a contrasting black-and-white, daubed with screeching blood red on some foes. But if you’re the kind who can’t stand for it, there’s also the option of turning the world back to color, settling the debate on that artistic standpoint quite nicely.


There are various ways to approach situations, including stealth and utilizing the wind direction to sneak up on foes, as well as limited ammunition. Though that shouldn’t stop you if you’re the bloodthirsty sort.


Betrayer is available on PC now on Steam.