Devil May Cry Will Decorate Nagoya Capsule Hotel in April 2022

Anshin Oyado Nagoya Sakae capsule hotel getting Devil May Cry decoration in April 2022

Capcom’s Devil May Cry series will decorate a capsule hotel in Nagoya, Japan, throughout April 2022. The Anshin Oyado Premier Nagoya Sakae capsule hotel will work with Capcom to provide a specially themed room and various merchandise amenities. People visiting Nagoya can purchase the collaboration package at 9800 yen (~$80.55) for a stay between April 1 and April 30, 2022.

This package will let the buyer receive a couple of Devil May Cry-decorated items. The hotel will give a random postcard featuring key art from one of the five mainline titles. The buyer can also choose a design for an acrylic calendar based on Devil May Cry 5.

When visitors who have purchased the package visit the receptionist, they will enter a lottery to determine the bonus amenities that they will receive. One lucky winner who wins the jackpot will spend the night inside a special room decorated with Devil May Cry posters. Three other winners will be able to choose three coaster mats out of the 15 designs based on the series’s characters. When all winner slots for the day are already filled, the rest will only spend the day in a standard room with the above calendar and postcard.

This capsule hotel promotion is part of Capcom’s celebration for the 20th anniversary of the Devil May Cry franchise, which debuted in August 2001. The company previously announced other time-limited merchandise sales in Japan, such as at Capcom Cafe and Pop Up Store.

All five mainline Devil May Cry titles to date are available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. A collection of the first three games has also appeared on Nintendo Switch.

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