Devil Survivor 2 Anime Shows Off More Characters, Like Fumi And Ronaldo

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The Devil Survivor 2 anime website has been updated with new character profiles. Check them out below:

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Fumi Kanno: JP’s Nagoya Branch Clerk. She is highly proficient in her scientific knowledge and currently has several research projects ongoing.  Because she has no interest in anything outside of research, she is indifferent towards human relationships.


Airi Ban: A freshman in high school who lives in Nagoya. Because of her vivid, active personality, but because of family problems, she has a cynical view of the world.


Jungo Torii: A chef who lives in Nagoya. He dislikes fights and is a quest person who doesn’t often show his emotions, but he holds his friends dearer than most other people.


Yuzuru Akie: Nicknamed “Joe,” he’s a salaryman who works at a trading company.  He’s usually easygoing and rather whimsical.


Ronaldo Kuriki: A police detective who lives in Nagoya. Because of past events, he is hostile towards Yamato and treats JP’s as an enemy.


The Devil Survivor 2 anime will begin airing in Japan this April. Meanwhile, Atlus are working on a new Devil Survivor 2 game project as well.


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