Hey, remember Devil Survivor 2: Break Record? Atlus announced the enhanced Nintendo 3DS version of Devil Survivor 2 earlier this year, and were shooting for a July release in Japan. The game was then delayed from July to fall.


Fall is right around the corner, however, and word on Break Record has been quiet… and for good reason. The game has been delayed once again.


Devil Survivor 2: Break Record has been delayed to 2014, Atlus announced today, citing quality issues as the reason for the delay. The publisher have not yet announced just when in 2014 they’re aiming to release the game.


As previously reported, Devil Survivor 2: Break Record will feature a brand new story that will take place after the events of the original game. This new story is said to constitute the length of a full-blown RPG by itself, and you’ll be able to access it right away if you’d like.


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