Nintendo 3DS

Devil Survivor 2: Break Record’s New Scenario Is The Length Of A Full RPG



As previously reported, Devil Survivor 2: Break Record is headed to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The game is an updated version of Devil Survivor 2, and will come with enhancements to the original story as well as a brand new scenario. reports that this new scenario is rather meaty—close enough to match the length of a full RPG title by itself. The new scenario takes place after the fight against the Septentrion, and you’ll be able to access it right from the start of the game if you want to.


Additionally, Devil Survivor 2: Break Record also introduces a brand new character (right). Her name and background have yet to be revealed, but judging by her appearance, it seems as though she has something to do with JP’s.


Devil Survivor 2: Break Record is slated to be released this Summer for Nintendo 3DS.


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