Atlus teamed up with the Pasela cafe in Akihabara and decked it out with Devil Survivor 2 decor. Pasela also changed the menu to add items like Io’s loveable combination yogurt gratin, Hinako’s special crepe, Makoto’s dilemma omelet, and umm… fried Merak (this is one of the game’s bosses).


devil-cafe-01 devil-cafe-02 devil-cafe-03


You can also eat Jungo’s Chawanmushi which he brags about cooking in Devil Survivor 2 and lap up an alcoholic "Melancholy Drink." Airi has a coffee beverage and Daichi’s Passion is another crossover soft drink.


devil-cafe-04 devil-cafe-05 devil-cafe-06 devil-cafe-07


The Devil Survivor 2 collaboration cafe is open now until July 21.

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