The Devil’s Eight – A Music-Themed Boss Rush Through Hell

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A well-tuned ear will give players an advantage against The Devil’s Eight’s bosses, as they will attack to the beat of the game’s varied soundtrack.


Each circle of Hell is personified as a different large creature in The Devil’s Eight. Their color schemes, stage appearances, and looks are all reflections of the sin they represent, and players will get a close look at each of these creatures as they will be trapped on a circular ring right beside each of them, always in the way of danger.

The Devil’s Eight draws from the 2D movement of Super Smash Bros, using lag and stun states and allowing players to dash, hop, do quick falls, and use special powers to fight back. These powers lie in a defensive shield, though, which can only be used to bounce the boss’ strongest attacks back at them. Otherwise, players will need to follow the beat of the music and prepare themselves for the boss’ varied abilities in the meantime, jumping and dashing around to stay out of harm’s way until they can knock back the right attack.  


The Devil’s Eight’s bosses aim to challenge players who wish to fight them, firing off multiple attacks at various stages as the game progresses. Players will have to dodge multiple attacks at a time to get to a point where they can hit back. Doing so will eventually yield bits of each monster’s back story, though, giving players a narrative explanation on what has brought these beasts into existence.

The Devil’s Eight is currently raising development funding on Kickstarter.

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